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Kathryn Kicker

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Welcome to my website.  This is my 15th year to teach Kindergarten. This is my 3rd year at DCPS.  I graduated from The University of Mississippi with a bachelors in Elementary Education and a concentration in English and History.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Lee Kicker, for 13 years. We have a sweet little red head named Libby. We also have a baby boy named Ryan.  My assistant is Heather Hughbanks. This is our 1st year to work together.  She is wonderful and I am very blessed to have her.  We love teaching your children, and we are looking forward to having a wonderful year.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me, write me a note, or contact me on remind.

:) Katy Kicker

Class Schedule

8:10-8:40     morning work

8:40-9:30     calendar/heggerty/saxon

9:30-9:50.    Snack/restroom

9:50-10:30.   Centers

10:30-11:20   Activity

11:30-11:55    Lunch

12:00-12:55.  Centers

12:55-1:20     Recess

1:20-2:40     Bathroom/pack up/ nap

2:40-3:00      Closure/dismissal


Activity Schedule

Monday- computer

Tuesday- library

Wednesday- music

Thursday- p.e.

Friday- art



Covid-19 update

Please make sure you are a member of our Facebook page.  I have and will continue to post activities ,links,lessons, and videos.  Thank you for your support during  this time.



Language-The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Deisen.

After listening, discuss the character, setting, and the beginning/middle/end of the story. 

Math- Practice addition to 10 using cereal or snack.  Ex. 5+3=

Writing-  Write about something that cheers you up when you are upset or in a "pout, pout" mood.  "When I am upset, ____________ makes me feel better."


Language-  Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood.  Before watching predict what you think this story will be about.  After listening, discuss if your prediction was correct.  Why or why not? 

Math-  Count backwards from 10.  Now try to count backwards from 20.  (You may need to write your numbers 1-20, and then point to them as you count.)

EXTRA- Play base ten bingo on ABCYA.com 

Writing- Grab sticky notes and label as many things as you can around the house.  Use inventive spelling


Language-  Tickly Octopus by Ruth Galloway.  Which character is most like you in the story? Why?

Math-  Practice doing subtraction using cereal or snacks. Ex. 10-2=, 6-1=

Writing- Do you like to be tickled? Write a sentence explaining why or why not?


Language-  Beach Day by Karen Roosa.  What did the children do in the story? Did it remind you of something you like to do?  What? 

Math- Count by 5's, 10's, and to 100. 

Writing - Make a "bucket list" of things to do this summer.  Write atleast 3 ideas down. 


I hope everyone has an amazing summer.  I love and miss all of you.  Please come and visit me next year!!




sight word list:

at, and, are, am, blue, black, brown, be, come, came, can, do, eight, for, four, five, green, go, get, have, he, has, her, here, is, in, into, love, like, look, little, my, me, nine, no, orange, on, of, one, purple, pink, play, red, she, see, six, seven, so, the, two, to, three, ten, they, this, white, we, was, went, with,  yellow, you, your 


Continue using RAZKIDS, Readingeggs, and Mathseeds.  They are great resources with great lessons! 



pout pout fish
ten little fish
tickly octopus
beach day


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