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Tina Tompkins
2nd Grade
iReady Website
This site is provided for extra practice throughout the summer months. It's a great resource!
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Hello! I am Tina Tompkins. My family & I live in Nesbit, MS. My husband & I have been married for 34 years. I am blessed with two children, Micaela & Zachary. They both are going to college now. I have been teaching for 10 years. I earned my bachelors degree in education from Blue Mountain College. I was a paraprofessional for 6 years prior to that and taught preschool in Indiana for 6 years. I am so excited to be a part of your child's education & look forward to working alongside each of you this year so that each student has a fun and exciting year!

Reflex Math
Reflex math is available all summer long. Please encourage your child to keep practicing. I have switched everyone to multiplication/division to help them prepare for 3rd grade. Please remind them that they already know how to skip count using 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10s. Anything times zero is zero! That's 5 that they already know! :)  Please remind them that multiplication/division is just like addition/subtraction fact families & to use their properties of operation. 2x3=3x2    They must practice this skill to be ready for 3rd grade - even if you just get them some flash cards from the Dollar Tree that will help them be prepared. Please call me with any questions or concerns. 
Helping Your Child Read


Check out Professor KnowsAlot's Video
Watch this cool video with Amazing facts about Ants!


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Distance Learning 2020

The MDE is offering extra practice for Reading and Math throughout the summer months. I have attached a link above. Student will log-in using the following information:


Username: first initial, last initial, lunch number.

It is not case sensitive, so you can use upper or lower letters.

Password: lunch number (MSIS#) ex: 1571234

If you need your child's lunch number, please send me a text. They should know it, unless they are new to the school this year.


This would have been our last week of school. We would be having field day, counting down the final days using the alphabet for fun things to do. We would have be outside in this beautiful weather blowing bubbles and writing all over the sidewalk with chalk and reading in our outdoor classroom area (picnic tables). We would have brought sack lunches and had extra recess. This sincerely rips my heart out. I miss these kids so much. I just hope and pray they know how much I truly love them. Please come back & see your "old 2nd grade teacher" sometime. Have a safe and wonderful summer.  Please keep reading and using the school apps.


Mrs. T


If you have not picked up your child's supplies, you may pick them up in the front foyer at DCPS on Tuesday & Thursday. Please try to come and get them. Since your child will be going to DCE next year we will not store them over the summer. If you cannot get to the school for some reason, please send me a text and I will be happy to meet you somewhere after hours so you can pick them up. Once you have the supplies, please go through everything. Especially the binder. Some of you had ordered a class picture and I placed them inside the binder so they wouldn't get bent. Please tell the kids I really do miss them & hope they continue to practice reading & work on their math skills throughout the summer. We usually worry about a 2-month summer slide. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking at a 5 month slide! The kids will be severely behind if they do nothing all summer. They should be in a routine by now. Encourage them to keep working. 

Distance Learning:

Please have your child continue to READ every day. All of the apps that you have access to now, will be available throughout the summer months. We always worry about the summer slide, but this could be a summer avalanche if the kids do not practice. :)


As I'm certain you have heard, Governor Tate Reeves announced that MS schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. I knew it was probably coming, but I still can not describe the tremendous amount of sadness I feel. The last 9 weeks of school is where we put the final touches on learning and we can finally relax a bit and really have some fun with our students. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do that this year. I want each of you to know how Blessed I am to have been a part of your child's educational journey. Everyone of my students will always have a special place in my heart. I'm still hoping that the quarantine will be lifted and we could possibly get together and do something fun! Please tell the kids that I miss them and love them!


Mrs. T  :)

DCPS Lab Links

These are the same apps the kids have access to at school. :)

Ms. Deb's Storytime Link

Suggested Websites for Students

Math Links:

Reflex Math - Get your green light! Practice fluency 3-4 times a week to build your fluency skills for addition & subtraction or multiplication & division! 

H.I.P. History in My Pocket.  This is great site for my students to learn about the history of coins. They can play several different games & complete fun activities on this cool website.

Reading Links:

Raz-Kids - the kids can listen, read and take a quiz on books on their level.

Reading Eggs & Reading Express

P.E. - Go Noodle for fun & exercise!

Science: .

Mystery Science - fabulous site

Scholastic Magazine

National Geographic for Kids

This is a great website! The kids can watch videos, play games, learn fascinating information about animals & places around the globe! 

Social Studies: Time Life Magazine for Kids.

Writing: Read and article or watch a video and write about 2-3 things that you learned.

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