Mrs. Melissa Olvera
Melissa Olvera

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Welcome to Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Edith's Class

All About Me!

My name is Melissa Olvera. This is my third year teaching kindergarten at DCPS. I am very excited to get to know each of your children and watch them grow and learn! I received my bachelors in elementary education at the University of Mississippi. My husband and I have four amazing children who are now ages 17, 15, 13, and 10. I know this school year might look a little different but I know we will have an awesome year!!

Sight Word List

red                 one               my        by

yellow            two              a           for

blue                three           the        did

green              four             in          her   

brown             five              we        him

black               six               like       not

white               seven          to         are

gray                 eight           and       for

pink                 nine            can        from

purple             ten              me         is

orange            be               come     up

zero                 I                   he          have

how                 get              said        look

little                 you             no           play

go                    am              do           has

all                     as               want       with

yes                   went           on            at

see                  was             an             will


Contact Information:

Please sign up for these forms of communication listed below. These are really important as they will be the basic means of single and whole class communication.




Please signup for a time to meet the teacher on August the 3rd or 4th through the signup genius link below. We ask that adults wear their masks and the teacher will also be required to wear one. Please only being the student who is registered to start kindergarten and one or two guardians maximum. Remember we will still be following social distancing guidelines but I really look forward to seeing you. The time slots can not be changed or doubled so first come first serve and each time slot is a maximum of 15 minutes so that other classes can rotate their times according.



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 Lesson Plan for April 14th-17th 

                                                     (Monday, April 13th is a Holiday) 


Language- What compound words will you make if you add these two words together? (base/ball=baseball), (rain/bow=rainbow), (bow/tie=bowtie), (flash/light=flashlight) 

Writing- Write a descriptive sentence about a flower and illustrate a picture. Watch your uppercase letters and punctuation. 

Ex. I see a pretty purple flower. 

Math- Classify items into categories based on their characteristics. Which has more? Which has less?  

Watch: Sorting by Size 

Ex. Separate dry beans or Legos by color, size. 


Language-What compound words will you make if you add these two words together? 

(ham/burger=hamburger), (butter/fly=butterfly), (light/bulb=lightbulb), (pan/cake=pancake) 

Writing- Practicing writing sight words in rainbow colors. 

Ex. withyouhim 

Math- Practicing drawing 2D shapes. (circle, triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, diamond) 

Watch: Jack Hartman 2D shape song 


Language- What two words do you have when you separate these compound words? 

(baseball= base/ball), (football=foot/ball), (rainbow=rain/bow), (flashlight=flash/light) 

Writing- If you were a butterfly what color would you be? Where would you live? Watch uppercase letters and punctuation. Illustrate a beautiful picture of your butterfly and where they live. 

Math- Solve the math problem using markers, chalk, or any other manipulative. Focus on key words in the problem and why the problem uses addition.  

In mom’s garden there are 4 red flowers and 6 orange flowers. How many flowers are there in all? 


Language- What two words do you have when you separate these compound words? 

(butterfly=butter/fly), (pancake=pan/cake), (bowtie=bow/tie), (blueberry=blue/berry) 

Writing: Practice writing color words with the appropriate color. Watch Sight Word Rap by Jack Hartman 

Math- Practice writing number words 1-10 and match them to their numeral. You can always use any paper or index cards and cut them apart. 

(one=1, two=2, three=3, four=4, five=5, six=6, seven=7, eight=8, nine=9, ten=10)