Lashannon Shepard
1st Grade
Lashannon Shepard

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


  • Proud graduate of the Horn Lake High School
  • Associates Degree from Northwest Community College
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ole Miss
  • Master of Science Degree from Walden University


  • 2 years - Olive Branch Elementary- Teacher Assistant
  • During Senior Block at Ole Miss- 1st Grade at Senatobia Elementary
  • During  Senior Block at Ole Miss- 1st & 5th Grade at Southaven Elementary
  • 10 years - Employee of Southaven Elementary in 1st Grade
  • 8th year- Here at Desoto Central Primary in 1st Grade


Welcome!!!!! I am so excited that you took time out to view my web page. I am a proud employee of Desoto Central Primary. This will be my 8th

year working with this great staff, and I'm so delighted. I have been teaching for 19 years. I was properly trained and nurtured at Southaven Elementary under the great leadership of Ms. Lenore Turner. I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!! I am the proud wife of Mr. Jonathan Shepard. We have four beautiful children together(LaDarrius( Breanna), J.J., LaTajah, and Jenesis). This year, we were blessed with a daughter in law. I attend Dean Hill M.B. Church where I serve as Choir member, Missionary Society and anything that I can find my hands to do. To me, teaching is a calling and I am glad that I was allowed the opportunity to work with one of God's precious gifts!!! I attended Ole Miss where I received my Bachelor's Degree. I wanted to learn more so I took an on-line course at Walden University where I received my Master's Degree.

I am also blessed to have an assistant who has the same passion about teaching as I do. This will be our 2nd year together as a team. Her name is Mrs. Misty Mathis. She has been in education for several years. I am so happy to have her. She has displayed great character traits such as loyal, nurturing and loving toward our students. It makes my job much easier, when I have someone working with me having the same goal in mind. Our goal is to equip our babies with a rich, loving , and nurturing environment in education!!! We are so grateful to God and Ms. Long for giving us the opportunity to become an investment in your child's future.

Class Schedule

7:50-8:10 SSR/Small Group

8:15-8:25 Bathroom Break                         

8:30-8:45  Calendar Math                         

8:50-9:20  Making  Meaning                      

9:25-9:40 Heggerty Lesson/Phonics         

9:45-10:25 Being A Reader/Workstations    

10:25-10:30 Bathroom Break 

10:30-10:50 Journal                                    

10:55--11:00 Wash Hands

11:00-11:25 Lunch       

11:30-11:35 Bathroom Break                         

11:40-12:30 Math

* Work stations will be during Math and Language Arts*

12:35-12:55 Being a Writer

12:55-1:45 Activity

2:00-2:20 Recess

2:25-2:35 Snack/BB

2:35- 2:45 Pack-Up

 2:50- Dismissal


Activity  For the Week:







Raz Kids


WELCOME  TO Mrs. Shepard's & Mrs.Misty's


"Our district determines the weights, or how much each grade counts, in our grade book. We recently updated the categories and weights.  Your child's grades will not change, but their average may be slightly different to reflect the new weights.
Our English Language Arts grades are calculated using the following percentages:
Reading and comprehension- 50%
Writing and Language - 30%
Spelling and Phonics - 10%
Performance Based Assessments - 10%"

Weekly Homework

 Reading is an essential tool that can be done nightly!!

TSW complete their Homework packet and return by Friday!

 There will be No homework this week! Homework will begin within the next 2 weeks. It will be sent Home on Mondays and should be returned back by Friday. Homework will be an reinforcement of the skills being taught inside of the classroom. It will be sent home as needed.

 Please Check Website for additional changes.

Hello Parents,

I want to share with you the names of our wonderful room mom(s) that will represent our class for this year. I know that all of my fabulous parents are willing to jump in and help out in any way possible and for this I say thank you. These lovely ladies will be contacting you about events that are going on in our class that will need your attention and your support. They also will be contacting you about items/supply that we will need in class for parties, activities, and etc.... Thank you all for sending in extra pens, candy, and treats for our class. Our lovely room moms are; Mrs. Tucker(Allison's mom) & Mrs. Spencer( Chloe's mom) and Mrs. Young( Janessa's mom) . If you need any further information about what you can do or how you can help, please let these ladies know.

Thank you, Mrs. Shepard & Mrs. Misty



Reading:TTW “Sleep Well: Why You Need Sleep”, “No Two Alike”, “Bee”, and “Meet MY Neighbor, the Dentist”.


Essential- something you cannot do without.

Trust- you feel safe with that person.

Relax- rest

Nervous- worried or afraid.

Spelling: Drew, shrew, chew, blue, Sue, dew, true, glue, blew, put, over

Language: TTW introduce contractions.  

Math: TTW review mental math by adding Ten more to a number. TSW continue to review greater than/less than.  

Phonics: Heggerty/ue and ew blend spelling pattern


Dear Parents,

       Please take note that if you check out your child before 12:55 they will be considered Absent for the entire day.

Thank you, Mrs. Shepard

Parents , thank you for blessing our class with the items from my wish list.... Here are a list of items that we still could use.

wiggle eyes                paper plates            * ink for our printer(black 62   color  63)          

Clorox wipes                 *paper towels            candy for treats           shaving cream

play dough                 sheet protectors   toys for treasure test    sharpies

card stock                  board games             laminating paper        expo markers





I want to thank you in advance for your generosity.


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