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1st Grade

Lashannon Shepard

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


  • Proud graduate of the Horn Lake High School
  • Associates Degree from Northwest Community College
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ole Miss
  • Master of Science Degree from Walden University


  • 2 years - Olive Branch Elementary- Teacher Assistant
  • During Senior Block at Ole Miss- 1st Grade at Senatobia Elementary
  • During  Senior Block at Ole Miss- 1st & 5th Grade at Southaven Elementary
  • 10 years - Employee of Southaven Elementary in 1st Grade
  • 9th year- Here at Desoto Central Primary in 1st Grade


Welcome!!!!! I am so excited that you took time out to view my web page. I am a proud employee of Desoto Central Primary. This will be my 9th

year working with this great staff, and I'm so delighted. I have been teaching for 19 years. I was properly trained and nurtured at Southaven Elementary under the great leadership of Ms. Lenore Turner. I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!! I am the proud wife of Mr. Jonathan Shepard. We have four beautiful children together LaDarrius(Breanna), J.J., LaTajah, and Jenesis). I attend Dean Hill M.B. Church where I serve as Choir member, Children's Church Teacher, Missionary Society and anything that I can find my hands to do. To me, teaching is a calling and I am glad that I was allowed the opportunity to work with one of God's precious gifts!!! I attended Ole Miss where I received my Bachelor's Degree. I wanted to learn more so I took an on-line course at Walden University where I received my Master's Degree.

I am also blessed to have an assistant who has the same passion about teaching as I do. This will be our 1st year together as a team. Her name is Mrs. Heather Wenzler. She has been in education for several years. I am so happy to have her. She has displayed great character traits such as loyal, nurturing and loving toward our students. It makes my job much easier, when I have someone working with me having the same goal in mind. Our goal is to equip our babies with a rich, loving , and nurturing environment in education!!! We are so grateful to God and Ms. Long for giving us the opportunity to become an investment in your child's future.


Class Schedule

7:50-8:10 SSR/Small Group

8:15-8:25 Bathroom Break                         

8:30-8:45  Calendar Math                         

8:50-9:20  Making  Meaning                      

9:25-9:40 Heggerty Lesson/Phonics         

9:45-10:25 Being A Reader/Workstations    

10:25-10:30 Bathroom Break                     

10:30-10:50 Recess                     

10:55--11:00 Wash Hands

11:00-11:25 Lunch       

11:30-11:35 Bathroom Break                         

11:40-12:30 Math

* Work stations will be during Math and Language Arts*

12:35-12:55 Being a Writer

12:35-12:55 Being a Writer

1:50-2:20 LLI/IDR

2:25-2:35 Snack/BB

2:35- 2:45 Pack-Up

 2:50- Dismissal


Activity  For the Week:






Raz Kids


DCPS 1st Grade Week of 5/18 – 5/21
This will be the last week of lessons for the 2020 school year.  Below you will find an outline of objectives for the week. We have included some links with videos, resources, and/or worksheets to help go along with each topic. We want to be clear that you are not expected to do it ALL. These are simply just suggestions that we know will help benefit your child during this time of distance learning.   Please continue to read with your child and work on math facts throughout the summer.  You will continue to have access to websites during the summer.  Websites include: Raz Kids, Reflex, Math Seeds and Reading Eggs.  Usernames and passwords for those websites are in your child’s daily folder.  We have enjoyed teaching your child this school year and have made many wonderful memories.  Thank you again for your continued support in making learning successful. 
First Grade Teachers
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • Math 
*Helpful videos: 
Math Read Aloud: Tally O’Malley by Stuart J. Murphy
Graphing Videos:
        *Follow the link for a free work sample:
 ets+for+1st+grade&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj_saX7xKfpAhVOA6wKHRaYAO0QsAR6BA gKEAE&biw=1366&bih=655#imgrc=ew787snolnvZcM
            Review any previous taught skills. Reflex and Math Seeds are great resources for reviewing.
The Best Vacation Ever By Stuart J. Murphy
Link to the story:
           ASK/Answer questions about the story:
            Is this book fiction or nonfiction? Why?
             Who are the characters?
             Where does the story take place?  ( Setting)
            What is the problem?
            What is the solution? 
 *Vocabulary words:
1. chart – a sheet of information in the form of a table or graph
2. excitement – a feeling of joy
3. rush – move quickly
4. vacation – a time when you relax or go on a trip
*Write sentences with each vocabulary word.  Illustrate each vocabulary word.  • Writing Prompts:  Write your teacher a note and tell him or her about the most memorable experience that you have had in first
grade this year.  Be sure to take a picture and send your writing to your using Remind or Email!     Write about a memorable vacation that you and your family took.
Write about some of the favorite things that you and your family have done together while you have been at home.
When you think about summer what do you think of it? Write a list of summer nouns and illustrate them.  Write a complete sentence with each noun. 
Remember to use a capital letter to begin each sentence and put punctuation marks at the end of each sentence.
Throughout the week, take a look back at your writing and try to add more details to strengthen your writing. 
Spelling- No new words but continue to review previously taught sounds 
           Heggerty Phonics- Week 34
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