Carla Jeanne Harwell
2nd Grade
Carla Harwell

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


This is my nineteenth year to teach, seventeen of them in first grade and now a new beginning in second grade.  This is my fifteenth year at Desoto Central.  I graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2000, with a Bachelors Degree in Education.  I stayed home thirteen years with my children and served on the executive board at Sacred Heart, where they attended.  I also served as youth director at our church during that time.


I decided to become an untraditional student, when my son started kindergarten, and return back to college to further my education.  I have been married thirty-five years, in July, to my husband Tony.  He sells windows, doors and millwork for Central Woodwork and has his building license.  We have three children, Lauren 32, Lindsay 30 and Jordan 26.  Lauren is a Surgical Tech at LeBonhuer Hospital and made us grandparents for the first time.  A precious baby boy named Jacob.  Lindsay graduated from The University of Mississippi and majored in Public Relations/Journalism.  She is a pharmaceutical sales representative for Forest. She got married on May 6, 2017.   Jordan works for Methodist Hospitals in radiology doing heart sonograms and got married June 16th.

    I am from a descendant of educators.  My mom has been a teacher for fifty-one years, forty-eight of them at Sacred Heart School, second grade.  She even taught me and my children in second grade.  I have two aunts that were teachers.  One was a teacher for forty years at the old Lewisburg school and then a principal at Ms. Lee's private school for ten years. 

     Our family is a very big supporter of St. Jude Hospital.  My daughter Lindsay was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma (bone caner) while dancing for the dance team at Desoto Central High in 2004.  I can now say that she will have been in remission for twelve years in December.  This has been our best Christmas present every year for the last twelve years, what could be any sweeter than the news," she is still cancer free".  You can read her story on, St. Jude's website, under The Promise Magazine, Summer 2004. 

     Our favorite past time is to travel and St. Jude has sent us to places all over so Lindsay can share her story and bring awareness to childhood cancer.  We are avid boaters and our kids have been skiing since they were four years old.  We also, love the beach and can't go a summer without spending at least a week on the beach soaking up the sun.

     I hope to instill a love of learning in your children and memories of second grade they will never forget.  I plan on having a wonderful year teaching your children.  Thank you for entrusting your children with me.    

Class Schedule

Morning work               7:50-8:30

ELA                                 8:30-9:35

Activity                         9:35-10:25

Lunch                            12:10-12:35

Reading/Writing         12:30-2:15

SIPPS                             2:15-2:35

Cleanup/Dismiss         2:35-2:50         



Monday -  Computer

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Music


Friday - Art


Please send a snack with your child everyday.  They can have water to drink and a healthy snack.

We need candy for our Froggy Treat Jar if you would like to donate any!!

We could use printer ink for our computer. We use Brother LC 51 black and color.  If anyone would like to donate one it would be fabulous!!

Please save any McDonald, Sonic, Chick-fil-A, (ect.) toys that you have doubles of for our Treasure Chest!

Please Save coke tabs for Ronald McDonald House

RAZ KIDS SIGN IN IS charwell0 and password is their first and last initial   

LUNCH 12:05-12:30

REMIND:  SIGN UP FOR OUR CLASSROOM TEXT MESSAGES-----text-81010-----message-@affcc3


Daily:  Please read daily for at least 15 minutes. 

Monday- Cold read that can be completed by Friday and write spelling words 2x each and make 2 complete sentences with 2 of your choice.

Tuesday-Math homework due Friday.

Wednesday-Please read your library book to someone and sign their reading log by Friday.  If don't have a libary book use a book from home.  Work on RazKids or Stride for 15 minutes and sign computer log sheet.

Thursday-Work 15 minutes on either Reflex or Educational Galaxy for 15 minutes.  Sign their computer log.

Friday-No Homework!!  Free Day!!

Reading:    Our story this week is Owls/Bats comparing.  We will be doing owl research and comparing and contrasting, fact and opinion.  Text Features: Text to Self-Text to Text Connections: Heading, Bold Letters, Timeline, Sub-Heading, Glossary, Index, Photographs, Captions, Maps.   Story Elements: Characters/setting/beginning/middle,end/problem and solution.  PIE Authors Purpose-persuade,inform,entertain

We will be working on writing an informational text.

Spelling:  floor,half,toe,eight,tie,pie,lie,young,caught,climb,bought,brought,thought,learn,heard

MATH: Telling Time to 5 minutes am./pm.  We will be working on word problems with adding three numbers.  We will also begin working on telling time toward the end of the week.  Introduce skip counting by 5's, 10's. Greater and Less Than.  Take from a ten or take from the ones---Estimate length and measure length in centimeters. Place Value Decompose number 100-500 into hundreds,tens,and ones.  Count within 1,000.  Fast Facts within 10.    REFLEX sign in is charwell0-password is their first, last initial

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