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This is where I will be posting assignments that students may complete.  I know it is an overwhelming time right now.  I don’t want to add additional stress to an already stressful time, so I understand if you choose not to participate. I want you to know that I am here if you need anything.  I have posted some articles and activities on the DC Facebook page that will be great activities if you're looking for things to do. Tomorrow I will post some short activities here that students may do.  

Assignment for May 13 - May 20

Click the link for a choice board.  You may select an activity that you are interested in.

Assignment for May 5 - May 13

Select 2 challenges below about Italy.

Challenge 1: How much have you learned about Italy? Take the Kahoot challenge quiz below.  I can’t wait to see how you do!

Challenge 2: Watch this video about gladiators of ancient Rome.

Challenge 3:

Watch this video about the Trevi Fountain and the tradition

Challenge 3:  You are leaving Rome.  On your way to the airport stop at Trevi Fountain. Design a coin to throw into the fountain.  Describe your wish on the coin. Throw your coin in the fountain to end your journey through Italy.  You can use items around your house such as cardboard, aluminum foil, etc. to make the coin. Send me a photo so I can see your design!

Assignment for April 29 - May 5

Please select two of the following activities.

Option 1

Leaning Tower of Pisa Research

Question 1. What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Question 2. How many stories are in it?

Question 3. Where is it located?

Question 4. When and why was the tower closed?

Question 5. When did they begin building it and how long did it take?

Question 6. What other interesting information did you learn?


Option 2

Create a model of The Leaning Tower of Pisa using items around your house such a toilet paper or paper towel tubes cut and stacked, Play-Doh, etc.


Option 3

Watch this video to learn more about The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Option 4

Play chess with a family member or teach a family member how to play. 


I miss all of you!  I hope you are doing well. 

Assignment for April 22-29

Select 2 of the following activities to learn more about Italy this week. 

Choice 1

Italy Research

1. What is the most popular sport in Italy?

2. Is that sport the same as it is in the U.S.A.? Why or why not?

3. What Italian food/foods would you like to try if you went to Italy?  Research to learn more about Italian cuisine.

4. What colors are in the Italian flag? What do the colors represent? Draw a photo of the Italian flag.

5. What city is the capital of Italy?

6. What does ciao mean in Italian?

Choice 2

Watch this video to learn some Italian words.


Choice 3

Look up a photo of the Mona Lisa. Brainstorm and list ideas of what she might be thinking about while Leonardo da Vinci is painting it. 


Choice 4

Play chess on a board or app. 


Assignment for April 15-22


Distant Learning Wk 4

Assignments for April 15th-21st

Students may select 2 of the following options to complete over the next week.  You may send messages and photos to me through e-mail, Remind, or on the DC Spotlight Facebook page.


Choice 1: Pretend you are visiting a museum in Italy and your hand gets stuck in a valuable vase.  List at least 15 reasons why this might have happened. 

Choice 2: Watch this video clip about Pompeii.

Choice 3: What is Mt. Vesuvius erupted spaghetti?  Write a story about this strange happening.  What would people do?  What would you do?  How would you clean it up?

Choice 4: Make a pretend city of Pompeii and a model of Vesuvius. Put baking soda in a small container inside of your Mt. Vesuvius replica.  Pour a small amount of white vinegar over the top of Mt. Vesuvius (and baking soda) and watch the eruption!

Assignment for April 9-14


Distant Learning Wk. 3

Select 2 of these options to complete this week if you have time.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter despite the circumstances.  I enjoyed seeing some of you on the Zoom Kahoot Family Trivia Night!

Choice 1 - Opera originated in Italy at the end of the 16th Century. They didn’t use the term “opera” to describe this music until 1639. Watch this short video of kids interviewing an opera singer to learn more.

Choice 2 – Who loves pizza or maybe I should ask who doesn’t?  Watch this short video about the history of pizza.  Click the arrow after the question to go to the 2nd part of the clip.

Choice 3 – Build a tower using only paper.  Take a pic and send it to me on Remind, by e-mail, or post in the DC Spotlight FB page Turn in Box. 

Choice 4 – Play a board game with your family.


I love seeing your photos!  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and extra family time. 

Assignment for April 1-8

Some of you guessed it!  We are studying Italy!  Below are some activities that you may work on for the next week. You can pick two from the list. Turn them in on our DC Spotlight Facebook page, by e-mailing them to me, or send them to me in Remind. I hope you are doing well.  I miss you!

Unit Study Choices

Choice 1: Click on the website above and learn about the different kinds of       pastas.  You may message me your favorite kind. (Research)

Choice 2: Invent a new type of pasta.  We usually make your pasta shapes using semolina flour and water but you may use anything around your house. Play-Doh, clay, paper, art supplies, etc. Design a new pasta shape and give it a name.  Don’t forget to send me a photo of your creation and the name of it. (Creativity/Thinking Skills)


Choice 3: Design an obstacle course and send me a photo of you completing the course! (Creativity/Thinking Skills)


Choice 4: Play chess with a family member, on the Chess With Kids app, or another chess app.  (Thinking Skills/Group Dynamics)

Assignments for March 25-31, 2020


Students may select two of these and complete.  You may post the work on the DC Spotlight page or e-mail it to me.


1. Write a journal entry about how much your life has changed in the past few weeks. What differences are you noticing in your life?

I know journal entries can be private, so you can send a photo of your entry or even just a picture of you writing it.

2. Play a game with your family.  It can be any board game or even hide-n-seek.  Send or post a picture of what you play. 

3. Take a picture of you and a creation you’ve made.  It can be a drawing, Lego structure, food, Play-Doh, something out of recycled materials, etc.

4. Look at these photo clues and guess what unit we will begin to study online next week.  Send me your guesses. 

Clue 2
Clue 3
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3. Kevin and I have two little girls named Jenna Claire and Hallie Reese. 

4. I began teaching in 2002.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  I love it! 

5.  I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2002 and received my Master's degree from Union University in 2005.  I became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2010.  I still take classes and attend conferences to ensure that I am learning the best methods for teaching children. Lifelong learning has always been a priority to me and I hope to help instill that goal in my students too.

6. My favorite hobbies include shopping, reading, going out to eat, going for walks with my family, and playing with my little girls.

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