Rebecca Hajek Staff Photo


*Mrs. Becca's and Mrs. Monica's Class*

Welcome to Kindergarten! 

We are SO excited to have your child in our class, and we are looking forward to a wonderful year! Kindergarten is such a crucial year in a child's development, and we are blessed to play a part! 

***The best way to contact me is through your child's Communication Blog in their folder,by email, or by texting in the Remind app. Please initial your child's behavior calendar EVERY NIGHT. PARENTS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! :)



Important Dates:

February 16th Make Up Snow Day (students come)

February 19th Student Holiday (no school)

February 28th Field Trip Money Due!

March 5th Field Trip to Children's Museum

March 12th-16th SPRING BREAK

March 30th Good Friday (no school)



 Sight Words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, gray, I, me, the, can, a, see, like, to, my, an, at, go ,it, is, am, by, do, was, little, play, on, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, he, she, said, we, have, and, you, will, all, from, in, no, so, up, with, love, him, be, they, are, what, has, of, who, want, for, come, here, some, had, look, get, his, her



*Avery Labels (picture below) We use these every day for math journals:)

*Scotch Laminating Pouches (picture below)


*Printer ink HP 61 XL

*Jewels for clips

*Hot glue gun sticks (skinny or thick)

*Page protectors- These are for our memory books:)

*Double sided tape

*Individually wrapped candy

*Baby wipes


ALL 52 LETTERS (capital and lowercase) SHOULD BE KNOWN BY THE END OF OCTOBER. Letters are shown in random order, and your child must correctly name each one.